5 Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure

Bike touring is gaining popularity among the youth as well as the elders. its is a good way to explore the world on a very low budget. To take up this venture, you need to be mentally prepared and ready to face any kind of obstacle. It takes a lot of planning and required you to be street smart, for moments when you are required to be street smart. on the overall, it is a whole new world of staying healthy and exploring the new world without much hassle.


We caught up with Unclipped adventures, Tegan who told us their story on how they begin with Bike touring. Besides, they even shared top 5 bike essentials every cyclist should have while touring.

It all began when the man of the family, took an interest in bike touring. Apparently, it happens to be his interest in sustainability and a unique way to explore the world and stay fit. While Tegan happened to read her father’s Twitter feed one day, she saw quite a few entries for a bike touring competition. the winner takes home bike touring gear in UK.

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As she was going to the UK to study for a semester, Tegan decided to participate and see if she could do a tour to go from the UK to visit her sister in Spain before her term started. After seeing the stunning entries, she decided to publish a cartoon style entry for fun and add uniqueness.

Soon this cartoon style blog won the bike, and she went on to do the tour through Spain. Tegan in no time got addicted to the cartoon style as she and her readers started to enjoy it.She firmly believes that cartooning is nice because “it captures the less hardcore side of adventure traveling and the more ordinary, relatable side, where small things go wrong and you look like an idiot and there’s nothing you can really do except laugh about it”. These small human things are what actually make up the bulk of the adventure experience.

After the Spain tour, her dad ordered good touring bikes for the family and since then the family has been pedaling and traveling around Africa. They learned a lot about the importance of relationships, between the family, between people of all kinds everywhere, between humans and animals and the environment. Living in a city, it’s easy to forget how dependent we really are on things and people around us, but living in the wild in a tent it’s a whole different story.

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Through having to rely on others for places to stay, food and water, general advice and direction-giving and all sorts of other things Unclipped Adventures helped us learn the importance of deep respect for everything. No matter how different or separate from you, it may seem at first glance. They also learned that it’s not a big deal if an elephant comes into your space, but you should never ever go into its space or it will get a bit grumpy!

Take a look at the Five Essential Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure:

  1. Cycling
  2. Mirror
  3. Bike Stand
  4. Lights
  5. Bungee Cords