88Mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset – Wheels To Definitely Consider For Your Bike

If you are searching for a bike that can be used for a triathlon, track racing or just a very efficient bike that you can use on a daily basis, you definitely should consider buying a bike that has a 88mm carbon clincher wheelset. These feature make it an option that is worth taking into consideration:


The rims on the 88mm carbon clincher wheelset are made out of aluminum axles and high strength bodies. The depth on the rear and front tires is 88mm. The depth allows you to ride against the clock very easily. When on flat terrains you can reach higher speeds. When you ride from a climb to a flat, your bike gets an additional turn of speed. When you are descending downhill, the corners come up much quicker than you would think they would! Therefore you do need to be very cautious, particularly when you are descending down a hill.

The 88mm carbon clincher wheel is light weight. The rear wheels weigh around 1009 grams, and the front wheels weigh approximately 830 grams. The light wheels allow you to accelerate faster very easily, whether you are descending or ascending. Even when your speed is increasing, you still maintain good control over your bike. The resins on the wheels have high heat resistance. A majority of them are matt black and hand spoked.

The 88mm carbon break walls are made out of basalt kevlar. The breaks work very well in all conditions you happen to be in due to the aluminum side walls. They turn on very smooth and sealed bearings, which result in very durable wheels. The wheels can also easily be rebuilt.

On the front hub of the 88mm carbon clincher wheels there are two bearings and at the rear there are four more. The wheel hubs are quite light. Than can be found with front weights of 76 grams and rear weights of 240 grams. Bladed spokes are used for joining the hubs to the rims. They are made out of stainless steel and are double-butted. If the front has twenty spokes, this means you achieve the ultimate balance between strength and smoothness. Also, at the rear there are 24 spokes that lower the bike’s overall weight.


It is quite easy to install 88mm carbon clincher wheelsets. Whenever you get a flat, the only thing that needs to be done is to replace the tire’s inner tube instead of the whole tire. The bike has superior aerodynamics, thanks to the carbon clincher’s 88mm depth. This means when you reach a certain speed, your bike will move faster. The 88mm carbon clincher rim shape moves the wheels centre of pressure behind the hub rather than the front. This ensures that your bike receives limited force from side winds.

The 88mm carbon clincher wheelset has a wide tire bed. This means there is adequate stability for the tire on the ground, along with better brake application. The stability allows the wheels to continuously roll no matter what you’re riding through or over.

Source by Ben Cawood