Best Cycle Under 5000 for Adults In India

It’s pretty obvious these days, we are caught in the fast-paced life. With barely no-time to breathe, squeezing in a workout is next to impossible. However, there comes a time when our health starts taking a toll, and a workout becomes a mandate. With the ever growing love for bicycles, buying the best cycle under 5000 for adults is a good way to kick-start your cycling regime. 


 What can you expect from a bicycle under 5000?

If you are looking to buy the best cycle under 5000, keep in mind to there’s nothing much you can expect. In such cases, we advise you to look for a bicycle without gears [single speed]. A bicycle with gears or with a suspension is probably not a good idea.

The best bicycle under 5000 will be a decent bike to ride around town for 30 minutes to an hour. Consider looking at bicycles that come with a simple frame, decent wheels and a drive train that is ideal for cycling on flat roads and climbs. 

Things to consider while buying the best cycle under 5000 or above?

  • Consider looking at the quality of the brakes
  • Ensure the rims are decent and made of good material
  • Single speed drive train is ideal at this budget
  • Avoid those with gears and suspension

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Btwin My Bike:₹ 4,999

A perfect example of a decent bicycle that gets the job done within your budget is the Btwin MyBike. Made by Decathlon in India, the quality of this budget bicycle is way better as compared to the Indian counterparts. 

With decathlon widening their reach in India, you can easily get your hands on this bike with ease. Besides, there’s no one better than decathlon who offer a better after-sale service. 

If you’re looking to ride around town to commute or fitness, the bike is pretty decent. 


  1. Rigid Steel Frame
  2. Aluminium wheels
  3. Helical spring V-brakes
  4. Steel Handlebar

Hero Urban 26 T Hybrid Cycle:₹ 5,569

Slightly above INR 5000, the Hero Urban 26 T Hybrid cycle comes with a steel frame that’s strong and flexible. The bicycle comes with V- brakes and 26-inch wheels that perfect for adults looking for a bicycle that offers value for money. What makes this best bicycle under 5000  so special is that it comes with accessories like mudguards and bike stand that lets you save more money and have more fun.


  1. Rigid Steel Frame
  2. V brakes
  3. 26-inch wheels

Brooks Myth SS 26T:₹7,999

Pretty similar to the Btwin MyBike and the Urban 26t, Brooks Myth too comes with a steel frame, 26-inch wheels and V -brakes. However, the colour scheme is quite cool as compared to other bikes in the same budget.  This best cycle under 5000 is designed in the UK but are marketed by TI Cycles group in India.


  1. Single speed 
  2. Rigid Steel frame
  3. V-brakes
  4. 26-inch wheels

Hero Octane Parkour 26T:₹ 6,499

Another best cycle under 5000 to our list is the Hero Octane Parkour that comes with minimal design and good features. 


  1. Rigid Steel fork
  2. Aluminium frame
  3. Steel handlebar

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HERCULES ACE 26 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike:₹5,599

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As compared to Hero cycles, Hercules is known to make a better quality bicycle, which is clearly seen in the Ace 26T. The stylish bikes comes with 26 inch wheels, stylish frame and a single speed drivetrain.


  1. Single speed
  2. Rigid suspension fork
  3. 26inch wheels
  4. Single speed Drivetrain

HERCULES Trailblazer RF 26 T Mountain Cycle  (Single Speed, Red): ₹4995 

Buy this best cycle under 5000 for adults from Amazon here

As we move lower down the price point, Hercules also has its trailblazer that’s made from steel and has a low step through frame. The bike also comes with a twin tube frame design, integrated carrier, Turbodrive technology that apparently lets you propel faster. 


  1. Twin-tube frame design
  2. Integrated carrier
  3. Turbodrive technology 
  4. Aero soft grips and calliper brakes

Hero Spunky 26T:₹4,599

Those of you looking for the best bicycle under 5000 that’s suitable for comfortable riding on city streets should consider looking at the Hero Spunky. The bike is easy on maintenance and offers value for money in the long run. 


  1. Single speed cycle 
  2. V-brakes
  3. Adjustable stem
  4. Robust tyres