Best MTB Cycles in India under 15000 [NEW 2021]

Covid made us realise that our health always has to be on the front foot. With this in mind, many of you are looking for ways to stay fit. List of activities vary from going to the gym, jogging, Yoga and none the less, “cycling”. Whether it’s weekend rides, climbing and descending, commuting to work or even meeting your friends. Whatever you desire, having a good bicycle is a must. If you are still confused on which one to buy, MTBs are good for starters. 


There are numerous bicycle brands building some of the best MTB cycles in India. And if your budget is not on the higher side, here are some great budget bikes in India.

But before we get into the best MTB cycles in India under 15000, let’s have a look at some common features  and tips you need to consider before buying! These features will also help you in buying the right bicycle as per your budget. 

Wheel Diameter:

MTB cycles are available in 3 common sizes as mentioned below:

  1. 26 inch wheels
  2. 27.5 inch wheels
  3. 29 inch wheels

What’s the difference with the wheel size and how does it affect your riding style? 

Have a look at this chart below:

Suspension fork:

Rigid Fork: Such type of MTB cycles don’t feature any kind of suspension. They are usually inexpensive and way easy to maintain than a suspension bike. 


Bicycles that have a suspension only in the front are hardtail bikes. These bikes are less expensive as compared to a full suspension bike. This is because it has fewer moving parts. Also, these bikes have the ability to lock out the front suspension, thus making it a rigid bike when desired. (This feature is applicable in some bikes, others usually don’t have any feature).

These hardtail bikes can also be used upto a certain extent on mountain trails as well.

Full suspension bikes:

Full suspension bikes are generally those that come with a suspension in the front and rear. This drastically reduces the impact on the rider. Besides, it also offers more traction and makes the overall ride enjoyable.

Types of Brakes:

V brakes:

The most basic bicycles are usually equipped with V brakes. They are the most simplest form of brakes and require minimal maintenance.  These V brakes are found on some of the most basic MTB cycles in India.

Disc brakes (mechanical):

Mechanical disc brakes are now affordable and usually come pre installed on entry level MTB cycles. Mechanical disc brakes are controlled with a cable that require timely adjustment as the brake pads wear off. These brakes do require some maintenance, however, are totally worth it and offer much better braking than V brakes.  

Disclaimer: There are also a few local brands that do not work at all. Be careful.

Hydraulic disc brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes are found on high end MTB cycles and are incredible when it comes to stopping. However, when it comes to maintenance, they are expensive as bleeding is required.

Frame material:

Steel: Entry level MTB cycles in India are largely made from Mild steel. These bicycles are strong and versatile that will last you really long. However, still frames are heavy as compared to alloy. 

Aluminium:- Most of the MTB cycles are made from alloy and are far lighter as compared to steel. However, these cycles are expensive as manufactures spend more money on tubing material and process. 

Carbon Fiber: Another common material that is used in building bikes is carbon Fiber due to its strength and low weight. Besides, carbon fibre is very expensive to build. 

Titanium: On the other hand,  Titanium is light and strong but way too expensive for all. But some high-end mountain bikes are usually made from this material. Besides, most frame builders use titanium as their primary mental to build custom bikes.  

Now that we are aware with features and how to go about buying the best MTB cycles in India, let’s have a look at some popular ones. Some of them might not be in stock as the industry is facing a huge shortage of bicycle parts. 

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Firefox Grunge D 27.5:

A very popular Indian brand known to manufacture some of the best Hybrids and MTB cycles is Firefox. Their latest  entry level MTB cycle, Grunge is made using steel and comes with dual disc brakes and 27.5 inch tyres.  The bike also comes with a front suspension fork that make it ideal to ride on rugged roads, trails and more. 

Why should you buy?

Firefox is a well known brand. The bicycle is ideal for individuals looking for comfort and want to avoid the hassle of changing gears.

Why shouldn’t you buy?

Slightly overpriced and it doesn’t have gears at all. Bike weighs 18kgs too!

Ninety One Granite X40 27.5T:

Earlier known as Frog Cycles, the brand now is rebranded to Ninety One. The Ninety one Granite X40 is a complete package for those looking for a variety of features. Mechanical Dual disc brakes, 27.5 double walled alloy rims, Suspension fork with 80 mm travel making it a complete package. 

With this bike, bad or good roads don’t matter at all. Adjust the seat easily with a quick release and ride at your will. 

Why should you buy?

The features do complete justice to the budget. Looks great too. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

Quite heavy and does not come with gears. 

Viva 1.0 SX 29″ Disc:

Available in Aqua blue and yellow, the cycle is surely to grab attention while you are out on a ride. Offering a strong frame, the cycle is made from steel, for good rolling and comfort, the 29 inch wheels and front suspension do the magic. And to make ascends and long distance easy, gears are just a button away. 

These features at a very decent cost is what makes the Viva 1.0 SX one of a kind to buy. Hence, we’d recommend too. The brand is pretty new in the market so if you are okay going for an unknown brand that offers great features, this is what you want. 

What we liked?

Looks are really cool and the bicycle is packed with features.

What we didn’t like? 

Bicycle is surely on the heavier side. 

Hero Sprint Flash:

Painted to a premium look, the hero flash makes head turn wherever you ride. The 29 inch wheel size paired with double walled rims roll over potholes without you feeling a thing. The dual disc brakes, front suspension further add to the comfort and handling. 

What we liked?

A good bike for those on a low budget looking to buy a 29er. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

There’s no quick release on both the tyres. The cycle is on the heavier side. 

Rockrider ST 50:

Decathlon’s budget MTB cycle, Rockrider ST 50 is another great bike you can consider buying. This 26 inch bike comes with 21speed gears that can be operated with revo shifters. Other features include single walled rims and a 80 mm front suspension fork. 

What we liked?

We liked the fact that the bicycle is viable in a extra small size. Also, the frame is alloy. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

We would prefer to have double walled rims instead of single walled and trigger shifters instead of Revo. 

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Tata Stryder 26” Hector:

Keeping the youth in mind who are looking for cool looking cycles packed with features, Hector can give any of its competitor a run for their ride. Tata as a brand has also focused more on the comfort level offered the bike offers. added PU with quick release saddle, Palm rest grip are some interesting features that add to the overall ride quality of the hector 26”.


Keeping today’s youth in mind, the NX-XUS is another 26 inch cycle that’s pretty similar in separation to the hector. However, there are a few features that do make the bike slightly better. 

For instance, the frame is TIG welded and not MIG welded. TIG welding is a far superior process and expensive too as compared tot he later. Besides, the suspension for is also threadless that further adds to the costing. 

What we liked?

We are a fan of bikes that are TIG welded as its strength is far more superior. We also liked the fact that the bike comes with a threadless suspension fork

What we didn’t like?

Slightly on the heavier side.

Tata Stryder 26 inch Gelon: 

26 inch fat tyre cycle that comes with 3” while tyres offer superior comfort. Mind you this also adds to the weight of the cycle. Besides the tyre width, there’s not much difference too. 

What we liked?

The bike is quite similar to the NX-XUS, except the major different being the wheel size. 

What we didn’t liked?

Tata Seahawk 27.5:

If you are a rough rider who likes jumping potholes and riding rash on bad terrain, perhaps cones looking at the sea hawk. Equipped with triple butted rims, their level of strength is impeccable. Leaving this feature aside, everything else remains the same as compared to the Gelon,  Hector and NX-XUS. 

What we liked?

Triple walled rims are a yes for those who like bunge jumping on their bicycles. 

What we didn’t like?

The bikes probable weighs more due to an additional wall thickness. If that’s not a problem for you, go for it.

Avon Calypso:

The Avon calypso is another bicycle that comes with a single speed drive train, double walled rims, dual disc brakes and a suspension fork. The above features at a decent price make it complete package. 

What we liked?

Good features at a very great price. Besides, the slanting top tube make sit ideal for shorter people to get on and off with ease. 

What we didn’t like?

On the heavier side. 

Avon Element: (26’, 27.5 & 29”)

Avon’s element is a very classy looking bike that uses rectangular tubing instead of the usual circular tubing. Build from mild steel, the bicycle offers single speed serve train, front suspension, double walled rims to the rider that offers a enjoyable experience.

What we liked?

The element with the two color scheme and components make it look a very premium bicycle by avon. 

What we didn’t like?

Could be on the heavier side. 

Avon Element: Single speed  

Avon Gen now 27.5 Single speed

Offering a slightly slower acceleration but a more comfortable ride is the Avon Gen now. The bike like most other Avon bikes is built on a steel frame. Features include a sturdy suspension fork, double walled rims that are pretty standard and a single speed drive train. 

What we liked?

Includes accessories like mudguards and stand

What we didn’t like?

The bike seems to be slightly expensive as compared to other brands and their models for a single speed bike.

Avon Maxo 26, 27.5 inch:

The Avon maxo is another cycle that is available in two different wheel sizes, 26 and 27 inch cycle. 

The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, double walled alloy rims, steel frame and single speed drive train that offers an upright position.