Don’t Buy a Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Bike Until You Read This Review

If you are worried about letting your child ride a Razor Dirt Rocket mx350 Bike this honest review will help you make up your mind. I would recommend this dirt bike for a child who is 8 years and up.

At first I too was a little worried about the age limit on this product, but provided you get adequate safety gear and if your child is pretty coordinated they will have no problem getting to grips with this neat little machine.

The Razor Dirt Rocket mx350 Bike is absolutely awesome. Because of the level of quality and the sheer uniqueness of it, I really think it is actually worth a lot more than the current price. The free shipping is crucial because this is a big and weighty object and if you had to pay additional for shipping it would cost you a fortune.

It assembles fast and effortlessly using the tools supplied. You will need to charge it up through the night prior to it’s first use therefore you need to manage your child’s expectations once the bike turns up, as they will no doubt expect to ride it the minute it comes out of the box. But who are we kidding? I am more than 200 pounds and I was able to ride that thing while my children were asleep. Made me feel like a kid again. I almost did not want to give it to my son.

The bike seriously flies. The suspension is really effective and it rides over rough ground with ease. The electric engine is so quiet it takes some time getting used to and since it is so fast, you expect there to be a lot more noise.

If your child can ride a bicycle without the use of training wheels, they will easily be able to ride Razor Dirt Rocket mx350 Bike. However you will need plenty of space, because it is so quick, it can get from one side of the yard to the other in a heartbeat.

Safety Advice

Your child will inevitably fall off and combined with the fact that this bike is fast, I would strongly recommend that you purchase some proper safety equipment, such as a real crash helmet as this will protect your child far better than a bicycle helmet. I would also recommend getting shin pads and wrist guards too for extra protection.

The Razor Dirt Rocket mx350 Bike is also quite heavy and if your child is little, they might have a problem getting it off of them if it falls over so make sure they are well protected.

Everybody in my local community has the same reaction that they wish they had a bike like this when they were a kid.

Source by Cole Lewis