Examining Different Mountain Biking Terrain

Mountain biking has become a popular sport and recreational activity for a lot of people. An important factor for most mountain bikers is the terrain they ride on. While most riders prefer riding on rough and dangerous terrain, it helps to understand the characteristics of each of these terrains. Mountain bikes are chosen keeping the terrain in mind and are usually strengthened by using better materials and also sport larger tires for the added support. The terrain also makes claims on the biker's skills and talent, as not all terrains are suited for the average rider.

Cross Country

Cross country is the most popular mountain biking choice. This is a combination of different terrain types. It includes hilly surfaces and loops. The course is outlined in some cases. In some places, riders also have races on these outbound courses. The Scott Scale 60 is a perfect choice for this terrain.


Downhill mountain biking is among the most dangerous terrains that mountain bikers. Most often, ski resorts in the summer as used as downhill cycling track. The terrain is usually mapped so that the riders have to maneuver around various obstacles and rough terrains. This terrain needs riders to be experienced and should sport the right protective gear. A Scott Scale 20 or a Scott Scale 29 would be ideal choices for bikes for this terrain.


The name suggests that it is a combination of all forms of mountain biking. It contains a good mix of downhill cycling tracks and some trails and loops. The terrain has been rough and is generally recommended for experienced riders who have demonstrated skilled riding in other downhill terrains.

Dirt Jumping

Dirt jumping involves riding up a mound of dirt and landing successfully on the other side. It also involves performing stunts on your way to the other side. If you are a novice rider or just a hobbyist, this is not the right terrain for you.


Trial riders jump over obstacles of varying sizes using their bikes. This is viewed on par with skateboarding where the scoring lays emphasis on creativity and style.

Mountain bikers keep their terrain in mind while choosing their bikes. Recreational riders could go in for bikes like the Scott Scale 29. These bikes have sturdy frames and fairly good suspension forks. This helps in improving the ride quality. These bikes are commonly used for commute in most cities and are easy to ride. These bikes are perfect for people who would like to go cycling with their entire family.

Mountain biking has evolved over the years. Mountain bikers now have a variety of bikes to choose from. The bikers also have easy access to the best gear and parts for their mountain bikes. However, newer riders should understand the risks involved and should know where to draw a line. A lot of injuries occur while performing stunts or while hurtling down a very tough hillside. People who wish to enter this sport should spend some time researching and understanding the terrain that they are best suited for and get them the best gear and equipment.

Source by Shaun Connolly