Heritage Cycle Ride to commemorate Republic Day

Cycle When cycling is being promoted all over India, the 66th Republic Day of the country got celebrated by a group of cycling enthusiasts through a ride of more than 100km from Chennai to Puducherry. This cycling event consisted of 70 participating riders of both amateur and veteran cyclists to observe India’s 66th Republic Day.

A group of cycling enthusiasts rose up really early on the morning of 26th January 2015 to celebrate the nation’s 66th Republic Day. They gathered at their decided cycling event’s starting point at the Novotel hotel in Chennai and faced an unexpected downpour. However, it did not stop them from going with their Heritage Ride to Puducherry from Chennai covering a distance of total 119 km.

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This cycling event was organized by the Cycling Yogis that is a Chennai based bicycle enthusiasts’ club with support from Puducherry Tourism. The ride flagged off at 6.30am and all the participating riders, both men and women rode to Kelambakkam past Thiruporur temple tank reaching Poonjeri by 7.45 am.

The cycle trip garnered lots of attention from passersby who asked questions to the participants slowing down the pace of the riders occasionally. The formation of the riders changed as they entered the ECR with some participants breaking away into smaller groups setting their own speed levels while some others got left behind with slower pace. Since this was a long ride and many amateur participants were riding 100 km for the first time along with the veterans, the event had a ‘sweeping team,’ of riders who stayed right at the back and ensured that no rider was actually left behind and finishes the trip.

On reaching Vengambakkam the group was given breakfast in packets that included lots of bananas to keep up the group’s energy levels. The event was actually an easy ride for most, who did not race and took it easy and rode while indulging in small chats and enjoying the fresh weather. Moreover, this ride was intended to be a sight-seeing trip as well, and thus headed to Mudaliarkuppam’s Boat House.

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The ride was a joyous one with lush green parts on the way and fresh weather, and many participants took photographs while taking small breaks. They rode to Kadapakkam after another food break along with energy drinks and peanut candies and set to Alamparai Fort. The group reached Marakkanam around noon.

The pleasant morning was replaced by a usual hot and humid afternoon they made the 100 km first timers more concerned and uncomfortable and the distance between the groups increased considerably.

The group triumphantly pedaled entering the Union Territory which was the last stretch of the ride. The finishing point was beside the beautiful sea beach and the ride concluded between 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. There were 11 riders who did their maiden 100 km and were applauded by the experienced riders that included tri-athletes, marathoners and endurance cyclists.