How to Relieve Sore Muscles Fast After Workout

It’s very likely that after hard interval training or a hardcore session in the gym, your muscles feel sore. In such cases, you are looking for solutions on how to relieve sore muscles fast after workout. If your muscles feel like a rock, you are likely suffering from a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Let us tell you, feeling sore after a hard workout is pretty normal. The soreness could last for a day or two (24 to 48 hours). Even if you’ve stopped cycling. Besides, muscle soreness could also be a result of inflammation as it plays an important part in cellular repair and recovery.

What causes sore muscles?

One of the major consequences of sore muscles is due to vigorous exercise. A session of heavy-weightlifting, intervals or hill reps results in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Resulting in a condition known as (DOMS) as explained above. However, the lactic acid build up is not the only reason for delayed onset muscle soreness.

The swelling in muscles compartment results from an influx of white blood cells (WBCs) and prostaglandins and other nutrients and fluids that flow to the muscles to repair the damage after a hard workout. While this type of muscle damage is microscopic, it can leave you feeling sore for over 2-3 days. This largely depends on the intensity of the workout.

Cross Train:

For most of us, cycling is vital. However, there are other ways we can supplement cycling with other activities. If you do not cross train, consider it now. Instead of biking, all the time, try running, swimming or doing yoga. You can also weight train as this will help reduce the stress on your cycling muscles.

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Consume more Antioxidants:

There’s a word in the air for quite some time that antioxidants decrease inflammation. However, research suggests antioxidants blunt cell damage by strengthening the immune system and interrupting the domino-like damaging effects of free radicals that contribute to initial soreness and DOMS.

Increase Your Intake of Healthy Fat:

It is believed that Omega-3 helps to keep our cells intact. They do this by incorporating themselves within the cell membrane of the muscles where they form a barrier and may help preserve the integrity of the cell membrane. Fatty fish are known to supply a significant amount of omega-3s.

Consider Supplementing With Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is known to improve muscle function and protect against injuries. So ensure to include vitamin D in your diet. Consider consuming dairy and fatty fish products that offer a good boost of Vitamin D. This will help relieve sore muscles fast after workout.

Protein, Protein and Protein:

Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of your body. Providing your muscles with a steady supply of amino acids will help recover sore muscles. Greek yoghurt, eggs or nuts are a great way to supply protein to your muscles. Here’s list of food sources that are rich in protein.

Start like a Tortoise, Fly like a Rabbit:

You become a victim of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) because of your workout more than you can take. In such cases, it is advised that you start off slow and build progression.

If you haven’t been active, are overweight or are recovering from an injury, going hard is probably not a good idea. Ensure to stick to a steady progression that will make you stronger without overwhelming your body.

Spin at a higher cadence:

If you haven’t tried out, maintain a higher cadence in the 90RPM range. This will reduce the amount of torque transferred to your joints and overall stress on your muscles.

Know Your Limits—Then Push Them:

It’s okay to push beyond your limit once in a while. However, admit it that you won’t feel that great afterwards. You will have to take it slow after you push yourself to let your muscles recover and rebuild.

Keep reading to know more ways on how to relieve sore muscles fast after a workout.

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Refuel the Right Way:

Make sure right after your workout you consume a protein shake (30 and 60 minutes after working out). For best results, choose a protein shake that contains whey. The amino acid leucine, which helps initiate muscle protein synthesis and relieve sore muscles fast after a workout.

Foam-Roll the Pain Away:

If you do it wrong, it will surely hurt you. But using the foam rollers the right way will help your muscles function smoothly. Foam rollers are a good way to increases blood flow and nutrition to injured muscles and heal them faster.

Don’t Rely on Pain Relievers:

If your soreness is too harsh, it is tempting to take anti-inflammatory relievers to soothe the pain. However, do keep in mind that anti-inflammatories can do more harm than good; rather than solving your problem, these drugs simply mask it, allowing you to do more damage and feel worse later.

Get a massage:

There are numerous benefits to getting a good massage. It will not only make you feel good but also reduce pain, help muscle recovery, reduce muscle tightness, improve blood flow and the most important of all, use inflammation.

Makes sure to get a massage along with essential oil, this will double up the benefits. This is one of our favourite ways on relieve sore muscles fast after workout. Read about the benefits of massage therapies here.

Sleep well:

Getting good sleep will also play a vital role in relieving your muscles from soreness. If you are doing a hard training workout, ensure to get good sleep. This can help you recover faster.
Besides, good sleep will boost your performance on the bike as well.

Balance Exercise With Rest and Recovery:

Always keep in mind, higher the level of training intensity and effort, the great you will need for a planned recovery. You need to give attention to your workout with a training log and ensure you listen to how your body feels. This will be extremely helpful in determining your recovery needs and modifying your training program accordingly.