Montague Paratrooper – The Tactical Folding Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper Tactical Bike


The Montague Paratrooper is a bit of a puzzle. It's basically an all round commuter bike with mountain bike capabilities however with a name like 'Paratrooper' it comes with the burden of expectation. The marketing people would have you believe that air force troops are embarking on missions with this folding bike as a necessary tool. It may be good for commuting to and storing in the office, with some weekend trail riding thrown in, but I've severely hard risk my life on this particular model without some serious upgrades.


-This multi-purpose folder has a sturdy frame that provides both comfort and stability on road and trail.

-The 'Trooper' really looks the part with a rugged military appearance and top of the line design (unique patented seat tube folding system) and will raise your street credibility quickly.

-It's not just cool, it's convenient too. This bike folds in 30 seconds without tools, is light enough for the train, and its standard parts are serviceable at any bike shop.

-An added bonus is great support from Montague who are known to compensate customer effort with extras such as folding pedals.


-This bike is not heavy (aluminum) however it carries the weight of reputation; having to live up to its image as 'tactical' is too much to expect from a bike that is overpriced by at least $ 100 yet fitted with cheap, low-end, and sometimes generic components.

-The major downfall of this bicycle notwithstanding the sturdy frame is durability, or a lack of it, as the parts / fasteners bend and warp easily and are non-corrosion resistant.

-It's not uncommon to replace the gear sets, shifters, pedals, shocks and cranks on this mountain bike.


Yes, if you are willing to surround a solid frame and leading-edge folding design with self-tailored custom hardware and do minor repairs yourself. Remember to shop around for a good deal then replace standard components with your own specialized equipment and you're ready to ride.

Source by Charlie McFarlane