Reynolds DV46C UL Wheelset ’10

Before we get into the specifics of the Reynolds DV46C UL Wheelset ’10, we will discuss what the wheelset is important in the first place. There are 3 main keys to wheel performance, the inertia, mechanical efficiency and finally the drag that is produced. The wheelset is the only component on the bike that touches both the ground and the frame. The road surface both good and bad will be felt by the rider through the wheelset. The same is true when thought of this way, whatever action the rider takes will ultimately impact the road so the design of your wheels, the materials used, and ultimately the quality of them are critically going to impact your ride, and your performance.

Low inertia will affect your power used to accelerate your bike both in the flats and on the climbs. So the inertia of your wheelset is double the effect compared to your bikes frame. The effect is constant because you are always moving, as you continue to push your pedals.

These wheels are built with Reynolds’ propriety and patented clincher all-carbon technology. Because they are incredibly stiff and durable, they are incredible both on the flats, around corners or in a pact having a sprint. They are built to reduce vibration from the any surface you are riding on allowing you to stay strong on long rides.

Bottom line on the Reynolds DV 46C UL Wheelset ’10 are that these wheels are made to climb, amazingly light at 1.4kg, they are so light they will blow your mind when you lift them. Your climbing power will be obvious as you will not have to ride up the climbs in the lower gears and it will save your strength by decreasing your need for more power.

Source by Peter Plourde