Super Pocket Bike Upgrades

Super pocket bikes are great toys to buy for our children – but who says that we – as adults – can purchase some for ourselves for the same reason? One of the reasons that these bikes became so popular is because they were being used to race with.

Japan and other such countries used these miniature bikes to show off the speed and handling that they offered and soon leagues all over were forming. Here in the United States the racing end of pocket bikes has not fully kicked off – but that is because people are still getting to know what they are dealing with.

If you are really interested in racing than you need to consider the dozens of upgrades that are offered for pocket bikes. These upgrades give your pocket bike more power, better handling, and so much more. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular upgrades that you can find that will improve your pocket bike experience.

Redline Motorsports Cone Air Filter

The cone air filter from Redline Motorsports will increase the horsepower as well as the performance of your pocket bike. The filter performance kit will also give your engine the chance to breathe easier. The filter is in the shape of a cone so that it can cover a larger area and deliver more air. This comes available with high speed velocity stack and mounting hardware.

Aluminum Pull Starter

This upgrade is a lightweight direct OEM replacement part. It is produced with a heat resistant outer casing making it more durable and able to withstand high speeds. This part is connected to the side of your pocket bike giving it a sporty look.

Redline Motorosports Exhaust System

This exhaust system that has been designed and produced by Redline Motorsports is chrome plates and one of the highest output exhaust system. It offers your bike to reach higher speeds. Due to its longer and slightly wider expansion chamber the exhaust system has a reduced amount of back pressure that let's the engine work more easily. This in turn allows for a higher top speed. NGK High Discharge Spark Plug

This specially designed spark plug gives your super pocket bike the ability to race faster and more efficiently than before. The spark plug is designed to ignite the fuel and the air mixture contained within the bike's cylinder. This pocket bike upgrade will offer faster acceleration and top speed.

Redline Motorsports Clutch Springs

Get rid of your old stock clutch springs because Redline Motorsports has something even better for you super pocket bike. Their specially designed clutch springs are high tension and geared specifically toward racing. They allow the engine to rev to an increased RPM before you even engage your drive train.

Source by Naomi West