Cycling Shorts in India: Cycling Shorts for Girls & Boys

Cycling shorts in India play a major role when it comes to comfort of cyclists while riding. Infact, comfort is one of the biggest decision makers when it comes to newbies enjoying cycling as a sport. Well, they enjoy cycling sitting for long on the saddle seems impossible.

As a beginner, it’s pretty common for them to get a bicycle and just start riding. All they need is an empty road and a bicycle. No helmet, no other gear, just hardcore. However, half way through the ride, they realise the seat hurts and they decide to shorten the ride. Most of them even ride with the pain until it no longer permits them to rest their rear on the bicycle seat. This only results in most newbies wanting to avoid cycling.


If you are facing a similar issue, there is a solution too. Cycling shorts or bib shorts. There are plenty of cycling shorts in India that you can consider buying online or at the store. Besides, there are a variety of cycling shorts for girls and boys in colours, sizes, price and even features.

Wearing a good pair of cycling shorts or bib shorts provides numerous advantages. And if you still bike with your regular pants on and go through the pain, you should read this:-

Why wear cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts in India are a vital piece of equipment that gives the wearer numerous benefits. Whether you are cycling around town, racing or participating in a long distance bike ride, a good quality bib short is a must. They not only make cycling fun but contribute in ways you would never imagine.

Reduce chafing:

The rubbing action of your inner thighs against the bicycle seat is offset by the smooth face of the cycling short. However, wearing a good pair of padded chamois will protect you from painful vibration and impact-related soreness.

Protect your family jewels:

Yes, you read it right!
One of the major advantages of wearing bib shorts is that it protects your family jewels. It protects the region from the pain of long contact with a bicycle seat.

Protects your sit bones:

A good chamois will be padded along your sit bones at the base of your hips. This helps in distributing the pressure and does not put the sensitive tissue between your legs under pressure.

Get Aero:

Another advantage of wearing bib shorts is that, it is close fitting. As a result, it maximizes aerodynamics and offers a full range of motion to the wearer.

Increase blood flow and more:

It is also believed that wearing a good pair of bib shorts can increase blood flow to the legs and aid in muscular function to provide a bit more sustained power. This is due to the mild compression provided by the tight fitting pair of bib shorts.

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Reduces spanking:

There are times on your long ride when your bicycle saddle must have felt like a cactus plant. Wearing a good pair of bib shorts will help minimize this spanking and help ride more miles in comfort.

Men’s cycling bib shorts usually have a shorter rise and a wider waistband. On the other hand, women’s cycling shorts typically have a longer rise and a smaller waist. However, don’t worry about wearing gender-specific shorts, simply go for the shorts that fit best.

So if you are looking to enjoy cycling more, consider buying a good quality cycling shorts/ bib short.

Important factors while choosing the right Cycling shorts In India for girls

There are hundreds of brand out there selling cycling shorts and choosing the right one is impossible. While the choices are improving, you are likely to get cyclin shorts of any size. Before you step out to buying your first cycling shorts, there’s a huge difference between cycling shorts for girls and boys. 

Let’s get a little closer to understanding what’s the major difference between cycling shorts for men and women.


Cycling shorts are meant to be worn without an underwear. Beginners tend to wear cycling shorts over their underwear unknowingly. This results in built-up of rashes which could be avoided by only wearing cycling shorts.


The price of cycling shorts in India vary from anywhere between INR 500 to 15000. So before setting out to buy, it’s best to set a budget based on your intend to ride. If you wish to spend long hours on the saddle and cover a lot of distance, get a good quality cycling shorts. They will be expensive and will offer better fabric and chamois.

Difference between cycling shorts for men and women

Padding :

The major difference is the padding that is used in the crotch area in cycling shorts for women and men. They are specially designed in a way to support the crotch area. Cycling shorts for women tend to be a bit wide at the sit bone area, whereas, for men chamois pads tend to have an inlet down the middle.

Leg length:

Another major difference is the length of the cycling shorts. Men prefer longer shorts as compared to women cycling shorts.

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How to wash cycling shorts?

After a bicycle ride, it’s very important to wash your cycling shorts. So once you are back home from your ride, ensure to wash them throughly. Start by turning your cycling shorts inside out before putting it in the washing machine. This allows the chamois to get all the soap and wash off all the dirt and bacteria.

Besides, when it comes to drying, ensure to dry them where they can get a lot of heat. You can also use a dryer too. Just make sure that the shorts are completely dry before using them again.

Can you use cycling shorts for swimming? 

If you are considering wearing cycling shorts which are padded for swimming, the answer is no. You can’t wear as the shorts will soak in water and make it very uncomfortable. Consider wearing a trim suit or your swim wear.

Can you use cycling shorts for Running?

Yes, you can run in your cycling shorts, however, for best results consider wearing a try suit or running shorts instead.

Can cycling shorts be repaired? 

Some cuts and tears can be stitches at home or you can find a good tailer. However, if the tear is big, it’s best to replace your cycling shorts. Besides, there are some brands like Assos and Rapha that offer repair services.

Which cycling shorts are best to buy in India

It’s no brainer that at times a INR 1000 cycling shorts fits and feels as good as a INR 10000 cycling shorts. However, the major difference is in the number of panels the shorts are made of. More than panels used to make cycling shorts, better the quality and higher the price. Besides, more panels also increases the overall quality of the chamois and construction.

Best cycling shorts in India for women and men

Cycling for endless hours can be difficult, especially without wearing cycling shorts. If you find yourself cycling for anywhere over an hour, keep the above two pointers in mind and get yourself cycling shorts for girls.

However, when you look at the ratio of men and women cycling in India, men represent the major chunk. As a result, distributors and retailers prefer stocking or selling only men’s clothing which they term as “unisex”. However, we request you to not fall for this marketing gimmick. Just like men, women should wear cycling shorts that are specially designed for them. 

Cyclist? Easy own cycling shorts or bibs

You might think that regular shorts are the best option for all cyclists, but they can actually pose some disadvantages. Bibs offer more flexibility and comfort, but at what cost? Let’s explore them both to see which one is better for you!


Think that Regular Shorts

Do you want to wear cycling bibs or regular shorts for your next ride? Cycling Bibs are a great way to keep cool and avoid chafing. They have high-waisted, stretchy fabric that moves with the body. Regular shorts do not provide this benefit because they bunch up in certain areas of the thighs and groin area. However, cycling bibs can be expensive – especially if you’re just starting out as a cyclist! If you’re on a budget but still want some protection from chafing, consider wearing underwear underneath whatever short clothing you choose. There is no need to spend money on something that will only be used once or twice before it goes straight into the washing machine!

Cycling bibs provide an excellent alternative to traditional cycling shorts. They’re made with high-quality materials and designed with comfort in mind. The straps of these bibs sit on your shoulders instead of around your waist like regular shorts do, so there’s no chafing or discomfort when sitting down. Bibs also have a higher level of compression than regular shorts, which helps reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood flow during long rides.

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Cycling Bib Shorts

Plus, if it starts raining while you’re out riding your bike – don’t worry! These bibs have built-in rain covers over the zipper area so water doesn’t seep through onto your clothes underneath (or worse – into your shoes). That means even if it starts pouring outside while you’re biking home from work – nothing will get wet except maybe the bottom half of your legs where the rain cover ends! So now that we’ve explored why bibs have become such popular alternatives to traditional cycling shorts – let’s look at how they compare against each other head-to-head… Regular cycling shorts vs Cycling Bib Shorts

• Bibs offer more flexibility and comfort, but at what cost?

• Knowing the benefits of each type of cycling shorts will help you choose the one that is best for you.

• Bibs are a good option if you’re a competitive cyclist who wants to give yourself every advantage in races.

• They usually accommodate a much larger range of temperatures and conditions than shorts will.

• Bibs are also great for off-road riders who need to stay comfortable and ready for the unexpected!

Regular cycling short s: Regular cycling shorts come with an inseam less than 12 cm (4.7 in) which means they won’t

• If racing isn’t your thing, then bibs might not be your best option.

Bibs or Regular Shorts

Bibs offer more flexibility and comfort, but at what cost? Let’s explore them both to see which one is better for you. When it comes to cycling shorts, there are two main options: bibs or regular shorts. Bicyclists may find that they prefer the advantages of both types of cycling clothing depending on their preferences and body shape. If you’re still unsure about which style will work best for your needs, don’t worry!

Our team is always available to answer any questions you have regarding these different styles so we can recommend a solution tailored just for you. We know how hard it can be to figure out what kind of gear would work best with your unique lifestyle and budget – let us help! Contact our