The TubeNoTube Technology From Geax

The Italian manufacturer, Geax, presents a new technology for 2010, a technology which is destined to the design and manufacture of its tubeless tyre covers. This tubeless technology for bikes is similar to the one used with the covers used with cars, therefore it doesn’t use an inner tube to inflate the tyres.

The TubeNoTube technology is available both for the kevlar covers and for the UST ones. This technology uses a 120 TPI case for the Cross Country tyre covers and a 60 TPI one for the All Mountain and Enduro ones. What is the most important with this technology is that it doesn’t use the same rubber for the interior lining, which makes the tyre covers lighter.

The lateral sides have a protective layer of nylon, which is very resistant. This layer makes your covers very resistant to snakebites, cuts and it ensures a very high stability with a very low pressure. Also, they are much lighter than the classic tubeless tyre covers.

Another innovation is the fact that these covers are used with PitStop slugs or with liquid latex, resulting in a very low inflating pressure, a very high stability in curves, in the fact that the edge of the cover is very well jointed to the tyre and in a much easier inflation process when you use the classic pump. A PitStop slug only contains thirty-five grams of foam and sixty grams of liquid latex. However, this is not necessarily a new idea, the ones from Schwalbe offering a similar solution.

Source by James M.