Top 10 Hercules Gear Cycles In India

We all grew up wanting to own a Hercules gear cycle, didn’t we? The commercial where Ajay Jadeja is seen playing cricket before he rides off on the latest Hercules top gear is still nostalgic in our minds. 


While the production of the old Hercules top gear cycle has come to a standstill, there are many other bicycle models at various prices that can now be purchased for every type of riding. Best of all, These Hercules gear cycles are available in different sizes that work perfectly fine for every age group. Needless to say, these bicycles are packed with features like disc brake21-speedeed gears and a lot more.

Top 10 Hercules Gear cycles in India:

1. Hercules Roadeo Hank:

The Hank is the perfect steel hardtail bike that comes with an artistically covered bottom tube. Equipped with 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters, Shimano gears, 26-inch wheels and double disc brakes, the bike is packed with features for those looking for more! Moreover, you can ride it on the road or just anywhere, the Hank will surely keep the fun going between your legs.

Key features:


  • Steel hardtail rame 


  • 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters
  • Shimano derailleur

2. Hercules A 50

Made from 6061 alloy frame, this Hercules gear cycle is equipped with a front disc brake, 21 gears and Double-walled Alloy rims for traction. If you are looking for a partner who can be a reliable companion on roads, trails or just anywhere else, the A 50 is certainly reliable. Besides, the seat of this hercules gear cycle can be easily adjusted with the help of a quick release.

Key features:


  • 6061 alloy frame for superior ride quality 


  • Double-walled Alloy rims

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3. Hercules A 750

Another Hercules gear cycle that is made from 6061 Alloy is the A 750. Equipped with 21 gears, the bike comes with double disc brake mechanism and double walled XMR alloy Rims that make it fun to ride on any terrain.

The bike is available in the following colours:

1.Neon Green



Frame size: Medium and large

Key features:


  • 6061 Alloy hardtail


  • 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and Shimano gear systems

4.Hercules A 475:

The finest Hercules gear cycle in the Roadeo range that stands out is the A 475 that comes with a 6061 alloy frame and 27.5T (650B) wheel size. Equipped with 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters, front disc brake system and Double-walled Alloy rims.

The bike comes in a full matte finish. It also encompasses on-trend features like coloured shooters in the fork, alloy crown, disc brakes and 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters. This aluminium MTB comes with an artistic dropout and chainstay. The colour and graphics of the bike are synonymous with the international appeal it flaunts. 

Key Features:


  • 6061 alloy frame


  • Double-walled Alloy rims,


  • 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters

5. Hercules Fugitive 26T:

Want to break away from the daily hassle? No problem! The Hercules fugitive is for you. This Hercules gear cycle comes with a steel frame, threads alloy stem, double walled alloy rims, sleek saddle for comfort while riding, dual disc brakes and is equipped with 21 gears. It is a good all-rounder bicycle that provides great value with the alloy frame, Shimano groupset and shifters.

Key features:


  • Mech formed steel providing superior ride quality


  • Double-walled alloy rims for traction MTB 26*2.1 progressive cotton tyre tread for smooth rolling

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6. Hercules Havoc 26t:

One more 26T Hercules gear cycle that’s affordable and offers value is the Havoc. Available in black, dark blue and red,  this bike too is made from steel. If you are looking for a companion to commute, go on short and long occasional weekend rides, this Hercules gear cycle will get the job done. 

Key features:


  • Steel frame


  • Double-walled alloy rims


  • Sleek saddle for ergonomic comfort

7. Hercules Maddox:

On first look, the Hercules Maddox might appear to be a bike that can be ridden on city roads. However, the bike can also be ridden on unpaved roads as well. Thanks to its front suspension that makes it possible to absorb the bumps. Besides, the front disc brakes provide good braking power over any kind of roads and weather. With enough gear ratios, ascending, descending or even going further is made possible with the Hercules Maddox

Key features:

Front Suspension:

  • Threadless alloy stem


  • Front disc brake and rear V-brake

8. HERCULES Crusher RF 6S 26 T Mountain Cycle:

Unlike other Hercules gear cycles, this mountain bicycle features a lightweight design and durable tyres. If you are looking for a companion to commute, the crusher is ideal for anyone on a low budget. The crusher comes with Revo shifters that apparently offer a smooth shifting experience. This Hercules gear cycle also comes with durable tyres and V-brakes, which are ideal for mountain biking. Thus, offering a good leverage ratio and enable you to brake effectively. If you are considering taking this bike off road, it might not be a good idea due to its rigid suspension. That being said, the Rigid fork works really well on city roads.

Key Features:

Gear: 6 Gear with Revo Shifters

Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake

Frame Material: Steel Cycle/Mild steel Cycle

Suspension: Rigid

Tire Size: 26 inches | Frame Size:17 inch