Types Of Mini Bikes

Mini bikes are the latest craze throughout the world, with more and more people getting involved in the mini bike scene. So are you wondering whether or not to get a mini bike? Well there are several factors which must be taken into account beforehand.

Firstly, do you know exactly what a mini bike is? Mini bikes are miniature replicas of larger motorcycles, most have a petrol engine, and are usually 39cc or 49cc although many of these pocket bikes are now being produced with a higher engine displacement, in some cases up to 200cc. Mini bikes are capable of very high speeds, with the slowest bikes still being able to easily reach 35-40mph.

Well now you know what a Mini bike is it is time to decide whether or not they are for you. If you think you would love the feeling of riding at 40+ mph, inches from the ground then you have found your ideal sport! Mini bikes are a great way of getting into motor racing, as they are relatively cheap with all the spills and thrills of racing larger bikes.

If you are still interested in buying a mini bike then you must ask yourself what you want from it. For example are you buying a mini bike to ride around with your mates? Or are you buying it to become the next Valentino Rossi? Well whatever your needs, there are certain regulations which must be taken into account.

Mini bikes are illegal when ridden in a public place, and can be crushed if used illegally. So if you do not have any private property or a track which you can go to then maybe you should rethink buying one.

If you are still up for getting into the craze, then you are ready to decide what type of bike you want to ride. There are so many different types of mini bikes available so you may get lost. So what do you want a mini bike for?

If you want to race the bikes in a league then the mini bike you buy must comply with regulations and must therefore be a race certified mini bike, these are usually more expensive than other bikes on the market but are far greater quality with more parts and performance bolt ons available.

If racing these mini bikes is not for you then you can look at the more affordable mini motorbikes, these are just as much fun, but do not come with the large price tag. These bikes however must be used on private property, with the owners permission, or you could face prosecution. Alternatively there are open races set up where bikes like this will be allowed to enter.

There are many different types of mini bikes available for you to buy so selecting the correct style depends on what you want the bike for. The most common style of mini bike is the small road style mini bikes, also known as pocket bikes or mini motos. These have road tires and look like road racing bikes. Usually these bikes do not come with any suspension and a very low ground clearance so make sure if you want a bike like this then you have a smooth, flat surface to ride on.

The next style of mini bike is the mini dirt bike, these are smaller versions of larger dirt bikes, they are built for going off road with larger wheels and more suited tires, as well as a more robust build. So if you want a mini bike which you can ride around a field all day then a mini dirt bike is probably the best choice.

If you want a comfortable bike with a ‘cool’ image then I think it is fair to say that the best mini bike for you will be a mini bike chopper, these look great with the looks of the larger choppers available today. These are commonly seen at bike shows, with a lot of the bigger bikes and do not look out of place.

Finally, if you do not feel too steady on two wheels then maybe a mini bike quad is the answer, these are tiny quad bikes, about the same size as a mini bike but with four wheels. These also usually have the same engine as most smaller mini bikes. These are great if you prefer riding quads over motorbikes.

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Source by Marc Wilton