What Makes Specialized Bikes Special?

Bicycles are not the casual riding mechanisms that they used to be. You may think of them as your preferred method of childhood transportation, sailing the streets with your friends until you had to come home for dinner. Today, the old pastime has become much more than a pastime. For many people, it is a sport. There are many different types of professional sports out there, and each rider requires a very specific design to allow for the type of riding they do. Here are some of the most popular forms of riding and what sets each type apart.


BMX is one of the most popular types of extreme riding. The sport is broken up into different categories, which include dirt, ramp, racing, street, and flatland. Each of these subcategories has its own specialized bikes, but in general, there are a few things you should look for. First of all, look for a frame that is made out of a chromium alloy. This is a metal that most good BMX frames are made out of. It is a lightweight material that is also more durable than steel. These are especially important for riders who are performing jumps, as it allows the frame to support the impact of hard landings. Another important thing to consider is the size of the bike. A few inches of size in the tubes can make a huge difference in the feel of the ride.


This category is also split into certain subcategories that require specialized bikes. These include trail, all mountain, cross country, dirt jump, and freeride. Each has its own special parts, but there are some main factors that make up a solid mountain bike. One of the main differences in the construction of this style of riding is the suspension. The two main options for rear suspension are full suspension and hardtail. A hardtail cycle only includes suspension on the front wheel only. This is typical for beginner mountain bikes, as it is a cheaper option and gets the rider used to the feeling of suspension. Full suspension means that there is suspension on both the front and back wheels. These bikes are usually more expensive, but they allow for better comfort and better control downhill.


Road riding is an extremely popular type of cycling that, for some, is a main form of transportation. With events like the Tour De France, is has also become a popular world sport. So what components make up a good specialized bike for the road? First of all, the size of the wheels can be a big factor. Wheels and tires on these cycles are typically very narrow. This allows for less friction with the ground, enabling riders to go much faster than cycles with wider wheels. Another defining factor of road cycles, unlike mountain bikes, is that they do not have suspension. They are almost always made of lightweight material, like aluminum or carbon fiber. All of these factors allow for a speedy and comfortable ride.

Whether you are trying to get off road, navigate a city, or just cruise, there are specialty bikes out there for you!

Source by Andrea Avery