Worst Cycling Products to Buy from Decathlon Online

We agree decathlon online has contributed in leaps and bounds to promote cycling as a sport. From affordable bicycles to some of the cheapest bicycle accessories in the market, the French giant is certainly a candy store for beginners and avid cyclist. For them, finding an affordable quality bicycle with the right accessories that last long is all they need. 


But what happens when they have a bad experience? In today’s times, where even reviews provide little to no value, how does one even go about buying a product? Especially, with the salesmen at the store insisting you on buying their accessories.

To ease your time and money at the store, we have reviewed some products personally and listed them down that are not worth buying. After all, who doesn’t want value for money?

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Road bike Inner Tube:-

Considering cycling is an expensive affair, finding an inner tube for just INR 199 is a bliss. However, our experience with this hasn’t been great at all. The tube is good but there’s no ring to hold it steady. We’ve also found it difficult to inflate air without the ring, especially with less tyre pressure. Every time you try to press the nozzle onto the valve, the tube moves inwards.

Who wants to fill the air this way early morning when you are half asleep?

Central Side Stand:-

On a usual scenario, we are so used to leaving our bike on the side stand when not riding. Unconsciously, we are also used to leaning our body weight and expect it to still take it all. But that’s not what the stand is made for, is it?

Needless to say, if you are one of those, this could be worst. 


As we conduct cycling classes, we prefer using the Riverside 100, however, as it doesn’t come fitted with a carrier behind, we prefer the pannier rack 100 as a solution. However, after using it for months on attest 6 Btwin bikes, we have to conclude the following-

1. Nuts loosen and fall off

2. Frame cracks or brake on times

3. Complete carrier becomes wobbly

4. No replacement parts available 

Mind you, this is all without exceeding the weight capacity. 

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Btwin Elops 100:

By far one of the worst bikes manufactured ever by Decathlon is the Elops. While the bike is specifically designed for women, it is clearly not for Indian roads. Also, the handle touches your knee when you try to take turns.

Clearly, not a well thought out the bike for the Indian conditions. 

The above decathlon online products, have been tried and tested by us for over a period of three to four months and this list has been collated only after that. If you happen to have a bad experience after using it for a good amount of time, feel free to comment below and let us know.

P.S- Besides the above products, we feel Decathlon is the best and have offered Indian sports a lot to grow in every field. If you do experience issues with any of the decathlon products, they have a 90-day return policy that allows you to excahnge or refund the product.